The New Way To Stay approach to ageing explained

The key to a rewarding ageing experience is to establish clear goals and to be well positioned to receive all the essential services that ensure goals are identified, understood and protected against risk.  

Unfortunately, the ageing process is usually fraught with risk. Circumstances commonly change dramatically, either suddenly or gradually.

Sound medical, financial, and legal advice are just three of many critical services that are often either delayed, avoided or misunderstood. In addition, Australia’s public aged care system has a vast and complex process that each person needs to grasp in order to gain access to entitlements that best suit their needs.  

Too often, we see confusion reign at the last minute, as urgent needs arise during an unforeseen emergency. At these times, many feel pressured into making life-altering decisions with the risk of negative consequences for a person or their family for years to come.

Those consequences might include:

  • The person under stress feeling forced to sell and move quickly from a much-loved family home, before understanding the potential for other preferred options;
  • Relocating or downsizing to a new residence that is financially, practically or emotionally incompatible with goals, can lead to feelings of hopelessness, or even grief for the family home that was left behind;
  • Adult children feeling driven to step in or to take on complete responsibility for seeking solutions, which can compromise their own quality of physical, mental and financial health;
  • Conflict and debate within families. This creates barriers for those facing responsibility or when opinions differ about what is or isn’t best for the loved ones experiencing the crisis.
  • The children of an ageing parent may still be parenting and juggling the demands of their own dependent children. Alternatively, the children of an ageing parent may be grandparents themselves and part of an essential support system for their own adult children. Whichever the scenario, it is more likely than not, that by the time an aged-related event occurs, family members will probably already be in demand by other members of their families or peer groups.
  • For working adult children – who might be at the peak of their career, working hard to hold down a job, or aspiring to move forward within an organisation – unexpected aged care needs of a loved one can have a domino effect, jeopardising careers, destabilising financial goals and even impacting the productivity of the employer themselves.

Our business was founded after we directly experienced the journey described above. The New Way to Stay team understands that people facing the ageing journey have complex human needs that are as unique as the individuals themselves.  

New Way to Stay takes a personalised approach to real life situations and life-changing events that can alter the course of a person’s later years. As professionals with decades of combined skills within industries that support the ageing process, we are in a unique and privileged position to offer holistic end-to-end concierge support.  

How can New Way to Stay help?

We work with our clients to establish their goals and objectives through the transition in ageing – we research the options available to them then help them map out solutions. Once agreed, we can become an overall advocate who takes on the day-to-day juggling of tasks.  We can also offer clients direct access to our own established network of highly vetted specialists, across Home Care, Medical Advice, Legal Advice, Financial Advice, Aged Care Advice, Home Safety advice, Counselling services, Nutrition, Transport support and much more.

As trusted advocates, we not only understand how challenging ageing can be, we also have decades of professional experience that allows us to help our clients, their families and employers to quickly and effectively stay on track with their goals.

To start the conversation as soon as possible and see how we can help, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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