Aged Care Professionals Networking Breakfast

On September 17th 2020 the team at New Way to Stay hosted another successful Aged Care Professionals Networking Breakfast. We were delighted to hear that all feedback was unanimously as Excellent experience and an intention to book for the next one.

The theme for this event was Ageism and our guest speakers included Jane Turner from Amazing Ageing Psychology and Simon Lowe who Zoomed in from Brisbane theatre style to entertain and educate audiences of the important subject around attitudes in ageism and the negative impact it causes. The audience all shared passionate and enthusiastic conversation on the importance of deeper awareness and collaborating together to find ways of influencing a more positive future with attitudes of ageism are a thing of the past.

Whether you are looking for a speaker for your own event, for your employees at an organisational level, we can provide some of the highest quality educational material, covering Aged Care – Finances, Govt Benefits and ACAT Process, Home Care, Residential and Retirement Living, Estate Planning, Psychology, Falls Prevention, Capacity, Advanced Wound Care, Psychology of Ageing, the Future of Ageing and more.

For general community members, or the corporate sector seeking education via our guest speaker program on a range of topic’s related to the Ageing Journey contact us to express your interest.